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Korsakov Oceanic Fishing Base

     In the southern part of Sakhalin Island, in Aniva Bay, there is a port of Korsakov, one of the largest seaports in Russian Far East, it is open for putting ships (Russian and foreign) in for a whole year. Korsakov Oceanic Fishing Base (KBOR) OJSC is also situated in this town. This is a holding company with branch and dependent enterprises. Three of them are specialized branch enterprises with 100 per cent of holding company's capital. They are as follows. "KBOR" has berth line with total length 663 running meters and nearby depth from 4 to 7.3 meters. The company has port fleet used for rearranging and towing ships, delivering and changing crews for ships in roadstead, cleansing bilge waters. KBOR Holding Company was re-organized from Korsakov Oceanic Fishing Base, which carried out oceanic fishing for 54 years and brought up many well-known captains and other specialist of fishery.


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