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Kirov collective farm

     In May, 1959 in Oziorsky . settlement from 15 small fishing cooperatives there was formed the Kirov collective fishery.

     Now it is one of the largest fishing enterprises in the Sakhalin region, having own ship-repair shops, a garage, two coldstorages, a fishing equipment make and repare shop.

     The enterprise is completing modernization of the coastal fish-processing shops and cannery and is contemplating construction of new freezing capacities.

     The Oziorsky fishmen catch salmon, pollock, cod, flounder, saury, herring and other various seafood.

     Now the obsolete catching fleet is being replaced with the fish-processing one; the catching freezing trawlers "Mys Korsakova" and "Mys Chuprova" have been taken on lease with subse-quent sale.

 useded material "South sea gates of Sakhalin"

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