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About Korsakov city

     Korsakov - District centre in Sakhalin region, city (with 1946) of region subservience, third on amount of inhabitants a city of region (46 thous. people., 1999.). It Is Disposed ashore bays of Salmons of bay Aniva Gulf, in 42 km from administrative centre of region South - Sakhalinsk.

     To city with north and with orient approaches hilly Korsakovskoe plateau, comes to the town from the north and east, it is overgrown with coniferous - broad - leaved forests (the fir, birch, larch, spruce, oak, ash, sakhalin velvet, nut Siebolds and others.). The Trees in woods quite often interweave;intertwine lianas (schizandra, actinidia and others.). Eastward from city are located the picturesque lakes Tynaicha, Greater Vavaiskoe, Busse and ensemble others, being good places for fish fishing and hunts. House of fisherman and huntsman "Birusinka" is disposed On lake Tynaicha.

     Korsakov Is founded in 1853 expedition G. Nevelskogo As military post Myrayevskiy. This be most old-time settling of region. In 1854 in connection with english - french aggression on FAR EAST a post Myravevskiy there was evacuee, is restored in 1869 under name "Korsakovskiy post", in honour of general - governor M. Korsakova. There was centre During penal servitude 1869 - 1906. post a neighborhood, including whole south half of island. For years existance Korsakovskogo post here visit many russian scientist and researchers (the academician L. Shrenk, Agronomist M. Mitsul, Geographers I. Polyakov and A. Nikolskii, Admiral S. Makarov and others.). At september 1890 Korsakovskiy post has visitted A.Chekhov. The Czeches. Hitherto several old houses in city, which, much more likely, visit the writer, conductive census the Sakhalin. During russian - japanese war 1904 - 1905. Korsakov people first have taken over nock exceeding power of enemy. In spite of steadfast defence, weak armed troops of protectors of city have to there were retreat. In honour of sailors - comandoes, remote their own lifes for liberation of city in 1945, in the centre Korsakov in 1949. obelisk is erected.
Korsakovskiy Seaport - one of the fourrice - free ports Sakhalin region, its rightfully name "South winches of Sakhalin". The hundreds of courts annually moorages to quays of port.

useded material "South sea gates of Sakhalin"

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