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Korsakov comercial seaport

     Thanks to its advantageous geo-graphical position and influence of the Kurosiwo warm current, the commercial seaport of Korsakov is open for navigation almost all the year round.

     Two piers with eight passenger, freight and coal berths are able to handle vessels with a draught up to 23.6 feet. The port has 19 gantry cranes with a capacity up to 30 tons, a floating gantry crane with a capacity up to 100 tons, covered and open store-houses, bonded warehouses for con-tainerized and general cargoes, access roades, the own fleet for mooring. manoeuvre and harbour works. Six self-propelled harbour tugs can deliver small consignments of goods to the nearest ports of the northen part of Hokkaido.

     Since 1991 call at the port for foreign ships is opened. In 1992 groups of tourists began to be regularly carried over the Korsakov port by Russian and Japanese ships. There is a custom inspection hall connected by telephone and telefax with 114 countries.

useded material "South sea gates of Sakhalin"

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